Hey there!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little bit! I am so excited you stumbled upon MY page! 

My goal as your photographer is very simple; document what's happening. All of it. The little smiles, small embraces, big laughs, quiet tears, fingers intertwined, subtle glances, and first looks. None of these things will ever happen the way they happened today. I believe there should be proof that you laughed at that joke, said those vows, kissed that cheek, and cried those tears. And it should be captured in a way that is beautiful and full of feeling. I would rather photograph you enjoying your wedding than tear you away from it. I prefer to be more like a fly on the wall, observing and documenting. I will point you towards the good light, and step back. I'll give direction when needed or to spark some emotion but otherwise I am there to capture the here and now.

Outside of photography I am very laid back and "chill". I am a dog mom to three brown eyed beauties. Halloween is my favorite holiday but I actually don't like pumpkin spice, haha! I love music festivals, food, football games, and I LOVE to travel and I feel like I haven’t been nearly enough places to even say I travel often but boy do I want to so bad. Destination wedding photography has been a dream of mine since I started shooting back in 2012! Soo if you or anyone you know is thinking of doing a destination wedding, I am your girl! Please take a look around, learn a little more about me and my style, and let me know if you have any questions!

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