About me

Hey there, I’m Tris! I am based in the Midwest, photographing intimate weddings, crazy families, and adventurous hearts here in the Kansas City and Saint Joseph, MO area. I have a HUGE love for travel and plan to keep crossing things off my bucket list one by one (Hey Destination Weddings and Elopements, I’m talking to you!!). All the while, one of my favorite places is at home snuggled up with my man, Zach, and our three dogs’ just binge watching Home Improvement. I also love the simple things in life like a good book on a warm sunny day, and a big sugary cup of tea or coffee (or wine!). 

​My goal as your photographer is to capture special moments in your life and to give you something that you can treasure for years to come. I love knowing that years from now, someone will look at a photo I captured and smile at the memories it stirs up. Take a look around, learn a little more about me and my style, and let me know if you have any questions! ♥



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